Art / Craft Zone

Children love to be creative and with this package comes a whole lot of messy, crafty fun. The crazy painting table is everyone’s favourite with many different styles of painting to try. Children can paint with cotton tips, spotters, rollers, stamps, and droppers. Collage and glitter and glue, drawing, stencilling, mask making, beading, play doh and paddle pop stick construction are also on offer. Hours of fun and crafty things for children to take home…even the parents love to join in!

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Artie Fartie Partie! Adding another dimension, the Art/Craft Zone becomes an Artie Fartie Partie run by a very crafty clown! The Artie Fartie Partie is beautifully decorated with bunting and balloons, giving it a big splash of colour and a lovely character which will brighten up any event.

Art Workshops You can hire KidzKlub to come to your venue and conduct art workshops such as clay modelling, jewellery making and christmas decoration making, just to name a few! The children will learn some specific skills while being allowed to express themselves creatively with the materials. Art workshops usually run for 2 hours and cater for 25 children suited to all ages over 5. Parents love to join in with these workshops.